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Vishen Lakhiani is the founder of Mindvalley University and it’s 2 million strong student base, a former Computer Engineer and is noted for his talent to integrate information across the field of human transformation into unified models. His ideas are being used in schools in Finland, Silicon Valley companies, and now, global universities which are integrating these ideas as part of curriculums. His book, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind made the New York Times Business Best-Sellers List and hit the coveted #1 spot on Amazon five times in 2017. He is the creator of the Mindvalley Quest Learning platform which attains an unheard of 60% completion rate on courses in an industry where 8% is average. Vishen also founded A-Fest, the transformational festival described as the “TED meets Coachella” of the industry. And finally he founded Mindvalley University City Campus, a new form of college that attracts thousands of students who move to a new city for an entire month every year.

Loved by the World

Vishen is passionate about helping others grow and providing the tools to help people transform their lives to be happier, healthier and more successful.

Mindvalley offers online learning in areas ranging from personal health and fitness to corporate-wide productivity.

Aiming to reach an international audience, Vishen recruited a diverse team in Kuala Lumpur. Today, the company boasts over 200 employees from 40 different countries. Mindvalley has even been named one of the world’s Top 10 Places to Work, placing a spotlight on Kuala Lumpur as an attractive location for startups.

I was deeply inspired by this quote from Nelson Mandela: ‘If you want to change your world, change your education’. When I realised how true it was, I knew that I could help others change their education in order to live not just more mindfully, but more healthily in every aspect, so that they can make better decisions.
– Vishen Lakhiani

Connected by Facebook

To successfully reach people all around the world, the Mindvalley team looked to Facebook. They initially used the fan page feature and established groups—which they still use today for each of their classes—to reach their audience and start a conversation.

As the digital marketing options on the social media platform have evolved, so has Mindvalley’s digital strategy. They’ve seen much success with tools such as Facebook pixel, Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, and video ads, as well as Ads in Instagram Stories. They achieved 64% increase in leads from a Facebook campaign that ran from December 2017- February 2018.