Preserving picture-perfect memories in the digital age

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In 2001, Mark Koay realised digital photography was changing the way people took, stored, and thought about personal photographs. As he watched digital photography grow in popularity in his native Malaysia, he also realised there weren’t many options for people to easily print out their images.

Despite having a background in IT consulting and no experience in printing, Mark purchased a photobook printer and installed it in his living room. He then recruited a handful of his tech-savvy colleagues to help get his new venture off the ground. They learned how to use the printer, built a website, and attended local photography events and wedding planning fairs to promote the photobooks.

Loved by the World

The photobooks were marketed as simple, do-it-yourself projects—customers could choose everything from the images to photo layouts and placements. Because the books could be created online from the comfort of home, more and more people quickly embraced the idea.

Mark and his team quickly scaled the business beyond Malaysia. Today, Photobook Worldwide has offices in four countries around the globe and a team of 250 employees. Last year, they successfully shipped books to customers in over 100 countries.

Photobook Worldwide’s CEO, Leow Wee Jonn, is also passionate about delivering memories. He ensures the business provides excellent customer experiences—from the quality of the products, to the range of personalisation options available, and even the turnaround time. He also makes it a priority to expedite orders in creative ways.

“We had a small business owner who needed 20-30 books shipped to him very quickly,” Wee Jonn said. “He contacted us to communicate the urgency, and we were able to get in touch with our shipping partner and work with them to find a solution that got him the books he needed by his deadline. I’m very proud that we were able to help a small business do business.”

Connected by Facebook

The Photobook Worldwide team noticed that people were organically creating albums and sharing images on Facebook.

With Facebook, they were able to reach out to digital photography enthusiasts and grow their customer base by leveraging different tools like promoted posts and carousel ads. Most recently, the company also added Instagram Stories ads to their digital advertising arsenal.

The team is confident that the tools provided by Facebook and Instagram will help them reach their goal of penetrating Southeast Asia and becoming the number one online photobook resource in all markets.

Facebook and Instagram have been pivotal for our business. We’ve been able to change our digital marketing strategy as customer preferences change, and have seen our business grow immensely.
– Leow Wee Jonn