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Wai Hong Fong has always believed that technology exists to make life easier. With a background in eCommerce and offers of financial backing in Malaysia, he set out to create a software that was truly helpful for retailers across his home country and beyond.

After countless hours coding, understanding the needs of customers and business owners, and translating this knowledge into a product, Wai Hong created StoreHub—a powerful cloud-based point-of-sale, inventory, and customer relationship management system that can be used on an iPad.

Loved by the World

It was important to Wai Hong to create a software that would scale well, be user-friendly, and provide excellent, professional customer service to clients.

Once the platform was built, it was up to Wai Hong and his small founding team to find customers. Initially, they leveraged their personal networks, went door-to-door, and experimented with different types of digital advertising services in order to generate leads.

Today, StoreHub has 5,000 clients across 15 countries, becoming the system of choice for big brands like Shell Select, Birkenstock and Big Apple Donuts.

I wanted to create something that would not just be a great product, but that would support and grow the ecosystem in Malaysia as well. We’ve seen that with our client, Durian King. They only have one outlet, but since adopting our platform and using its business management features, they’ve become one of the top five merchants in their area and have expanded their store. I loved watching them grow and am proud that our platform has helped them flourish.
– Wai Hong Fong

Connected by Facebook

The business really took off when the team leveraged Facebook.

“We were actually so swamped with leads in one day that we had to suspend the campaign,” Wai Hong said. “In the early days, we were getting 150 leads per month, which became 150 a day when we started on Facebook.”

After that initial success, they began working more closely with Facebook tools, experimenting with different products to find out the most effective ways to reach their target audience.

“Facebook canvas and lead ads were a gamechanger for us,” said Wai Hong. “Our conversion rates skyrocketed because people didn’t have to leave the app.”

Today, StoreHub credits Facebook with being the biggest driver of their business over the last four years.