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Jewellery entrepreneur shines online

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Jenn Low was inspired to create Wanderlust + Co after identifying a gap in the market for mid-priced, luxe designer-style jewellery pieces. Armed with an education in accounting and communications, and an Australian-based fashion merchandising experience, she launched the brand in 2010 and never looked back.

Jenn set up Wanderlust + Co’s headquarters in her home country, Malaysia, believing a South East Asia location would be advantageous for retail and wholesale operations while still being close to manufacturing hubs in Asia.

Much of the brand’s global success comes from the personal connections Jenn and her team have built with customers and fashion influencers over the years,in particular the #WCOgirlgang, which has helped shape the brand’s strategy and energy.

Headquartered in Malaysia but built for a global digital audience
The #WCOgirlgang has shaped the brand’s strategy and energy
Building a community for women to support other women through jewellery

Loved by the World

Jenn is passionate about building a community where women come to support other women by setting positive intentions, spreading good vibes and championing self-love via jewellery and style.

“We love being part of open conversations with our customers. We see our pieces being part of milestones and moments in their daily adventures—that has and will always be what drives us to keep doing what we do,” she says.

This personalised approach, with Jenn actively leading a strong team from the brand’s headquarters in Malaysia, has been instrumental in building a global business.

“When Wanderlust + Co was just an idea, never did I imagine that one day our jewellery pieces would travel to accessories lovers worldwide,” says Jenn.

Today, Wanderlust + Co is recognised as a Malaysian brand gone global. It has 400 stockists worldwide, and is worn by Hollywood style icons such as Gigi Hadid and Jessica Alba.

Positive intentions, good vibes and self-love via jewellery and style
Now widely recognised as a Malaysian brand gone global

Connected by Facebook

The brand started before the advent of Instagram. Facebook was the sole platform that Jenn utilised to organically share her journey with friends and a close network. Through Facebook, Jenn was able to build lasting connections and have meaningful conversations with her customers and fans of the brand.

Today, Jenn has also fully embraced Instagram. The visual platform has not only helped Wanderlust + Co connect with its audience, but also allowed the brand to gather feedback from fans and stay on top of trends.

“I love that we now live in a digital age. Facebook and Instagram have done a tremendous job of leveling the playing field for independent brands like Wanderlust + Co to connect with audiences and fans at a deeper level,” Jenn adds.